The Baby Shower Concept

What is it?

It’s a party celebrated around the world in honour of the mother-to-be. Whether it’s taken as a ritual or just a simple party at the end of the pregnancy, the baby shower is meant to be a privileged moment of togetherness, of sharing experience and emotions. The friends of the mother-to-be gather together to admire her baby bump, to be around her, to spoil her rotten by offering her presents and little keepsakes (favors, sweets, gadgets). The festivities continue with a tasty buffet in a relaxed atmosphere.


During the last trimester of the pregnancy or just after the birth.

Who organises it?

Mademoiselle Marie (organiser of ‘baby shower party’) or the friends of the mother-to-be.

Who joins in?

Traditionally the Baby Shower Party is for ladies only.


At the home of the mother-to-be, at a friend’s home or in a cozy place suggested by Mademoiselle Marie.


A theme, a time, a place, invitations, a buffet of cupcakes and delicacies, keepsakes and games based around the mother-to-be and the baby.